Crimson Kindness was founded in February of 2013 out of a desire to make our campus a more kind place. Inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, Crimson Kindness set out to make a difference on campus and in the Tuscaloosa community.

Our Mission

The goal of Crimson Kindness on The University of Alabama campus is to create a community of kindness by engaging the student population in acts of kindness and inspiring kindness in our community.

Why does The University of Alabama need an organization like Crimson Kindness?

How will Crimson Kindness achieve their goal?

What We Do

The Meetings

All our members come together and talk about what is coming up in CK and how to help out. We discuss our events in the following weeks, get our members excited about kindness, and prep for upcoming events. We have several general meetings and projects throughout the semester. These typically occur every other Monday. Make sure to check out our Events page!

The Projects

We schedule about 2 projects per month for our members to get involved. Sometimes it’s an event or initiative. These projects are announced at our meetings and are posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can check out what we currently have planned on our What We Do page. We can’t wait to see you at our next event!

See It in Action:

Read Our Blog!

Our blog is where we share YOUR Random Acts of Kindness. Click here to read all about the kindness going on at the University of Alabama!

Want to join? Click over to our Join page to learn how you can become a member of Crimson Kindness.

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